Yuma Info

Yuma is nestled in the southwest corner of the United States on the California-Mexico-Arizona border, near the convergence of the Colorado and Gila rivers.

Thanks to this location, Yuma residents and visitors enjoy a rich culture, plus a thriving, diverse economy, terrific weather and stunning desert mountain scenery. The only word that accurately describes Yuma's weather is "beautiful." The average daily temperature is 87.3 degrees F, with an average low of 53.5 degrees F, and an average yearly rainfall of 2.94 inches.

Yuma, currently Arizona's third largest metropolitan area, is one of the four fastest growing areas of the country. The city is home to 11 golf courses and a variety of parks, athletic complexes, recreation centers, swimming pools and tennis complexes. Where the sun shines 93% of the year, whether your passion is golf, tennis, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, camping, swimming, birding or sightseeing, Yuma is the place for you. Yuma's dry, warm weather and fertile land have resulted in a thriving agricultural business, with crops like lettuce, broccoli, cantaloupe and lemons leading the way.



The climate has also given Yuma the honor of hosting both Marine Corps Air Station Yuma and Yuma Proving Ground, an Army training facility.

Both of these facilities contribute significantly to Yuma's economy and prosperity. The city also has a number of service clubs and organizations, such as the Elks and Veterans of Foreign Wars.